. . . how truly and utterly magical fynbos is . . .



If you do not know this already, here is a quick overview of



also known as the Cape Floristic Region 

(we prefer the “kingdom” bit… way cooler.)

Botanists divide our planet into six floral kingdoms. Some are very large and some very small. The Holarctic kingdom spans, well... the entire Northern Hemisphere! The smallest and most diverse of the six floral kingdoms is situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa - a stretch of mountain and coastal territory home to more than 7000 species of flowering plants, most of which are found nowhere else on earth.


The biodiversity and endemism of this region is often quite astounding. For instance, Table Mountain is home to around 1500 species of fynbos. Around 80% of these are endemic to the Cape Floristic Region. To put this into perspective, The Netherlands - that innovative small giant of an agricultural exporter and a land synonymous with the cut flower industry - is home to around 600 species of flowering plants, none of which are endemic to the Netherlands alone.


Cape Floral Kingdom Location


species of the Cape Floral Kingdom's flowering plants are found nowhere else on earth

Fynbos Illustration

Needless to say we are rightfully extremely proud and fiercely protective of this natural wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fynbos: noun  fyn·bos \ˈfān-ˌbȯs\ From Dutch, meaning fine leaved plants. A biome of southern coastal South Africa characterized by a diverse richness of endemic plant species

If you happen to feel the same there are many worthwhile organisations that you can offer your energy, time and financial assistance to. Here is part of a growing list of worthy entities and organisations we as a distillery are friends and supporters of:

  • The Flower Valley Conservation Trust  - www.flowervalley.org.za  The Trust has been doing wonderful conservation and community work for 15 years. Join us in adopting a hectare in order to keep this fynbos preserve outside Gansbaai pristine!

  • Fynbostrail and Stinkhoutsbos - Take a lovely two day hike… and plant some trees!

  • South African National Biodiversity Institute, SANBI - research reporting and monitoring of South Africa’s rich biodiversity heritage.

  • De Hoop Nature Reserve. Pristine fynbos and some of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa to boot.

  • Kirstenbosch Gardens - a national treasure!

  • Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve and Harold Porter National Botanical Garden. A gem in Betty’s Bay.

  • For general information on fynbos see the very informative blog http://www.fynboshub.co.za/

  • Fynbos Fire - a collaboration aimed at reducing wildfire risk in fynbos areas.


  • Incredible, magical, resilient fynbos! Before and after the fire at Grootbos... Read more here


 It is initially hard to explain to the uninitiated just how truly and utterly magical fynbos is. Fynbos makes us at Cape Fynbos Gin Distillery really, truly happy.We will gladly support any endeavour to keep Fynbos pristine and reclaim and grow its footprint within the Cape Floral Kingdom. 


Fynbos Flower Illustration
Cape Fynbos Gin Packaging
Cape Town Beach
Ollie and Johan Hiking
Cape Basket Flower
Cape Town Beach
Fynbos Botanical
Cape Point Landscape
Table Mountain Fynbos